Deodorising Foot Pomade 100 ml100 ml


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  • Italian Product

    Italian Product

The FOOT WELLBEING range has been developed to resolve foot skincare problems. These products, rich in natural ingredients, are designed to render skin healthy, hydrated and soft. Its gentle but effective action, gives a pleasant feeling of well-being. A cream that refreshes and soothes. Used regularly it helps to control excess perspiration and reduce unpleasant odour. Rich in active ingredients the formula also hydrates and nourishes the skin, giving an overall sense of well-being.



Effectively but gently deodorises even the most challenging foot odour. Reduces excessive perspiration without blocking pores.


Active Ingredients

Wheatgerm. Vegetable Glycerine, Calendula, Witch Hazel, Rose, Sage, Thyme.


How To Use

Apply the cream by placing the thumb on the top of the foot and the index finger on the sole. Massage in using vigorous circular movements moving back and forth from the base of the toes to the heel for 10-15 minutes.



For centuries it was customary to massage the feet of pilgrims who rested in inns, houses or monasteries. Not only because the roads were very poor, but also because there was no sophisticated footwear like today, and feet got very dusty, muddy, and often smelly from rubbish lying in the streets. .


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