Garcinia Dimakì10 ml


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  • Italian Product

    Italian Product

From the Research & Development Laboratories of Erboristeria Magentina, a new food supplement of the Dimakì line is born: Garcinia 100% Dimakì! The new ally to get back in shape and educate the body to keep it. It is a 30-day shock treatment that acts quickly and focused on controlling the sense of hunger. The feeling of hunger is the key element that often intimidates those who want to start a diet.
It is 100% pure dry extract of Garcina Cambogia titrated to 60% in hydroxycitric acid (HCA), a very important acid with a triple action:
1) It intervenes in the process of transformation of excess glucose into fatty acids and cholesterol: weight loss and weight balance;
2) It is able to block an enzyme (citrate-lyase), fundamental for the synthesis of cholesterol and other lipids: hypocholesterolemic activity;
3) The reduced formation of fatty acids and cholesterol implies, consequently, an increase in glycogen synthesis. This increase inhibits the center of hunger and stimulates the center of satiety: control of the sense of hunger
100% Garcinia cambogia dry extract titrated to 60% in hydroxycitric acid (HCA): active ingredient characteristic of this drug that intervenes in cellular lipid metabolism.
It is advisable to take 2 tablets a day, one in the morning and one in the evening preferably away from meals.
Internal use