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Magentina Oil 50 ml

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Thirty-three essential oils working in synergy for the body, the spirit and our environment. Natural first aid for all the famiily.



Family first aid for mouthwashes, rubs, massages, inhalation, and for dabbing on the skin. For baths, packs and poultices. Also good for scenting the home.


Active Ingredients

Natural essential oils.


How To Use

For rubs, dabbing, massages and inhalations - just 2-5 drops. For baths, compresses, and footbaths - 10-30 drops. Add the drops to a suitable carrier, for example bath foam, intimate cleanser, facial cleanser, vegetable oil, etc.



The synergy of the 33 Magentina oils has various beneficial psychosensory effects. The oils improve the condition of skin affected by insect bites, little burns or itching. They help when massaging painful areas or stiff muscles. The refresh the mucous membrane in a mouth suffering with cold sores and ulcers. Dissolved in the bath water they give off a pleasant, toning and revitalising scent. Carefully diluted they refresh the intimate and anal regions. They help clean the air of stuffy rooms. Excellent in hot water for balsamic inhalations and for direct inhalation in the case of car sickness.


Use: External

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