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Zen Relaxing Essence

0741 - 22209436

100 ml


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A relaxing fragrance essence, restoring teh balance of the element of Water, restoring faith, creativity, versatility and the capacity for self-protection.



Diluted in water in a bowl placed on the radiator or in a special diffuser, it will create a relaxing atmosphere, resulting in a new-found serenity.


Active Ingredients

Essential oil of orange, lemon balm, bergamot, camomile.


How To Use

Pure: pour a few drops of essence on to a ball of cotton wool or a small linen bag to perfume linen or directly into drawers, wardrobes or enclosed places. Diluted in water: a teaspoonful or a few drops in a bowl on the radiators, in vases and in saunas and Turkish baths.



The word "Zen" in Japanese means "meditation". Meditation is based on the concept of "understanding reality" or undergoing a deep experience that consists in seeing into the heart of things. Every Zen Essence is associated with one of the four natural elements of life.

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