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Rose Petal Distilled Water

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250 ml


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Fresh and delicate they carry the faint perfume of flowers and herbs from which they are made. Simple and natural they are among the first cosmetics invented by man. Excellent as a natural tonic for cleansing the face, delicately scenting the skin of babies or the elderly, for refreshing, soothing compresses whether for skin or the eyes.



Refreshing and toning. Particularly good for oily skin.


Active Ingredients



How To Use

Face: soak a cotton pad, pass it over face and throat following cleansing. Eyes: soak a cotton pad and apply it to the eyelids. Leave in place for 10-15 minutes.



The rose is the flower of love. Belongs to the element Water, and to the planet Venus. Linked to the Taurus sign of the zodiac.


Use: External