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From the Research & Development Labs of Erboristeria Magentina, was born the only synergistic complete treatment on the market: Dimakì Complex.


Dimaki Complex is an intensive 20-day treatment designed to operate at 360 ° on all the aspects that favor a clear result, in terms of weight reduction.

The Dimaki Complex program owes its effectiveness to the perfect synergy of the four products that make up the kit:


Book "Mangiare in Forma": the coordination of products with balanced diet and exercise must


Dimaki Dren: for drainage and purification equipment


Dimaki Plus: to decrease the absorption of nutrients and to improve metabolism


FOR FREE: AntiCellulite Gel Forte - Combat Cell: for a decisive action from outside




Book "Mangiare in Forma" 


Guide the consumer to eat in a healthy, genuine and balanced. It explains the basic concepts for a balanced diet and helps to avoid the most frequent mistakes made at the table. The food program presented in the book has been designed in two versions, one according to the Mediterranean diet and a virtually unique in the market, Vegan version. It also contains dietary recipes both of Mediterranean type that vegan and absolutely simple to follow. The book gives a basic support to operate the products contained inside the kit.


Dimakì Dren


Dimakì Dren is a concentrate of specific active ingredients for cleaning the body, through the stimulation of the excretory organs. This allows the water retention decreases with an immediate weight loss and an improvement in general well-being.


Dimakì Plus


Dimakì Plus is designed to fulfill three purposes: decrease the absorption of fat and sugar, to limit the calories; improve the metabolism of carbohydrates to interrupt the reactions leading to the formation of fat reserves; rebalance insulin, responsible for irresistible hunger pangs.


Anti-Cellulite Gel Forte - FOR FREE


The Anti-Cellulite Gel Forte is innovation: a gelled texture to high standards of safety and efficacy, able to act directly on fat deposits, improving microcirculation and promoting the drainage of excess fluid. It also reduces the "orange peel" effect, leaving the skin soft and supple.

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Dimakí complex è un prodotto favoloso, da aprile ad oggi sono riuscita a dimagrire 10 kg. unitamente ad una dieta equilibrata e sana ed un po' di movimento. La tisana nel cofanetto è un ottimo prodotto che aiuta a lenire il senso della fame. Il gel anti cellulite assorbe perfettamente ed in 10 minuti puoi tranquillamente vestirti. Da provare