Combat Cell Slimming Scrub 150 ml


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  • Miscela Floriterapica

    Miscela Floriterapica

  • Vegan OK

    Vegan OK

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    Italian Product

The Combat Cell range is back, with a new formulation. The Slimming Scrub is a preparatory treatment to aid the absorption of the active ingredients within our anti-cellulite creams. Its exfoliating action using ground apricot stones combines with properties that help drainage and stimulate circulation, without irritating the skin. Carries the Vegan OK label.



Slimming Scrub is good for exfoliating the skin and increasing its capacity to absorb the active ingredients within our anti-cellulite creams.


Active Ingredients

Pennywort extract: anticellulite, healing and draining. Seaweed extract: slimming, and speeds the metabolism. Dead Sea Salts: stimulate drainage. Juniper essential oil: draining and anti-bruising. Cinnamon and Ginger essential oils: stimulate the circulation. Allantoin and Urea: promote cell renewal. Apricot stones: exfoliating. Organic Shea Butter: softening and toning. Sweet Almond Oil: nourishing.


How To Use

Apply in the shower or before a bath, paying special attention to rougher skin on heels, elbows and plumper areas of the body.



The distinctive fragrance is due to the Cinnamon and Juniper essential oils both of which help fluid drainage and stimulate the circulation.


Use: External