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The Combat Cell range is back, with a new formulation. This Toning Cream is extremely valuable in keeping skin toned in people whose weight oscillates and whose muscle mass varies. Thanks to its mix of active ingredients and plant oils it removes stretch marks and scars. Right from the first application the skin appears softer and more toned. Carries the 100%Vegan label.



The Toning Cream is recommended for treatments to maintain skin elasticity where skin has suffered from oscillations in both weight and muscle mass.


Active Ingredients

Shea butter, Organic Argan, Organic Rosehip, Sweet Almonds and Shea butter: all softening and elasticising. Soy Isoflavones: combat cellulite and improve drainage. Hyaluronic acid: toning, firming and hydrating. Full extract of walnut: restores the protein bridges. Panthenol: toning, hydrating and soothing. Synthetic glycoprotein: aids cell respiration.


How To Use

Apply 2-3 times daily for the first few weeks, and once a week to maintain the benefit. Leave on for 5 minutes and then massage vigourously. Excellent as a body toning cream for bust, neck, decolletè and the underside of the upper arm.



Among the active ingredients not mentioned is Sodium stearoyl lactylate, a plant-based emulsier with an elasticising action on the skin.


Use: External

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