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Hot-Effect Cream Combat Cell

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The Combat Cell range is back, with a new formulation. Hot-Effect Cream Combat Cell, with its heat-generating action, acts directly on the areas affected by cellulite improving the skin's capacity to absorb the active ingredients. The feeling of heat and the skin reddening are the temporary effects of the active ingredients and vary according to skin type. The greater the amount of cellulite present, the stronger the effect - evidence that the product is working well. Carries the 100%Vegan label.



Hot-Effect Combat Cell cream has a thermogenic effect and acts speedily on areas affected by celluliite. Heats and reddens the skin but only temporarily, lessening with frequent use.


Active Ingredients

Organi Iodine: lipolitic and draining. Caffeine and Guarana: speed the metabolism. Soy Isoflavones: combat cellulite and improve drainage. Almond and Jojoba oils: soften and hydrate. Organic Shea Butter: softening and toning.


How To Use

Apply twice daily after bath or shower - morning and evening, if possible. To intensify the effect, alternate daily with Combatcell Urto Cream.



Green Coffee, among the active ingredients in the products, has recently been discovered to have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on adipose tissue and cellulite.


Use: External

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