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Combat Cell Fast-Acting Cream

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The Combat Cell range is back, with a new formulation. Combat Cell Fast-Acting Cream contains the perfect mix of ingredients to fight the formation of cellulite. It acts directly on the cells that cause the change in the skin, stimulating the elimination of toxins. Its action is the result of the synergy between the active ingredients which work to prevent the formation of pockets of fatty tissue. Suitable for thyroid sufferers. 100% Vegan label.



Combat Cell Fast-acting Cream is recommended for the prevention of cellulite and for its reduction in extreme cases.


Active Ingredients

Organic Iodine: lipolitic and draining. Caffeine and Guarana: speed the metabolism. Kola Nut extract: reduces skin inflammation caused by cellulite. ESCINA: protect the blood vessels, promotes lymphatic drainage. Soy Isoflavones: combat cellulite and improve drainage. Almond and Jojoba oils: soften and hydrate. Organic Shea Butter: softening and toning. Bitter Orange essential oil: slimming.


How To Use

Apply twice daily after bath or shower - morning and evening, if possible. To intensify the effect, alternate daily with Hot Effect Anticellulite Cream.



Of the three active ingredients Organic Iodine aids and improves blood circulation and turns the fatty acids into energy.


Use: External

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