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Combat Cell Strong Gel

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150 ml


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The Combat Cell range is back, with a new formulation. Strong Gel Combat Cell is true innovation: a high quality, super-safe gel that acts immediately on adipose deposits, improving microcirculation and stimulating excess fluid drainage. It also reduces the 'orange peel' look leaving the skin soft and toned. Carries the 100%Vegan label.



This Strong Anticellulite Gel is suitable for treating all stages of cellulite, and for excess fat on legs and thighs.


Active Ingredients

Caffeine, Extracts of Guarana and Green Coffee, to stimulate the metabolism; Kola nut extract: reduces skin inflammation caused by cellulite and speeds the metabolism: Green Tea extract: draining and slimming.


How To Use

Apply twice daily after bath or shower - morning and evening, if possible. To intensify the effect, use the gel as a body mask before bathing.



Green Coffee, among the active ingredients in the products, has recently been discovered to have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on adipose tissue and cellulite.


Use: External

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