Natural Benex 40 tablets250 ml


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  • 100% Vegan

    100% Vegan

  • Italian Product

    Italian Product

The tablets act on the venous walls and capillaries, significantly improving their elasticity and permeability. This favors a more fluid blood circulation and intercellular exchange, counteracting swelling and water retention.
Gluten free
Improve microcirculation and cellular exchanges, reduce swelling caused by water retention and discomfort due to poor blood circulation such as heaviness in the legs, tiredness, cramps and nocturnal annoyances. They can be used as a single remedy or in synergy with the other products of the Benex line.
Grapepure®: patented extract of grapes, rich in proanthocyanidins
Horse chestnut dry extract: precious source of escin and esculin, two substances essential for venous wellbeing.
Rusco dry extract: contains ruscogenine, steroidal saponins that have a strong re-epithelial action of the venous walls.
Pine dry extract: very rich in proanthocyanidins, substances of the flavonoid family with a powerful antioxidant, anti-edema and protector of the venous walls.
Vitamin C: very strong antioxidant effect, for the protection of lipids present in the venous walls.
One tablet a day.
The proanthocyanidins of grapes have a very strong synergistic action with those of pine. Both have been included in the formulation because they are used together to multiply the beneficial effects.