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Erboristeria Magentina

The joy of providing well-being, since 1843

Erboristeria Magentina was created in the first half of the 19th century from the passion and skills of expert pharmacists and healing herb specialists who turned to nature to find new methods and therapeutic opportunities to offer well-being and health naturally.

The company was founded in 1978 in Magenta, in the province of Milan, producing its first formulations and products. Thanks to the intuition and great entrepreneurial skills of its founder, the company was able to expand its local distribution network quickly. In the following years, Erboristeria Magentina also grew nationally, winning a large share of the herbal product market and steadily increasing its visibility in major outlets.

In 2007, company management was moved to Poirino, in the province of Turin, under the commercial guidance of Dr. Aristide Artusio and the technical guidance of Dr. Gloria Giussani, both of whom have years of experience in the pharmaceutical and herbal medicine sectors.

Currently, the company boasts a modern and competent sales network that distributes products in the best pharmacies and herbalists across the entire national territory. Speed and service are the distinguishing features of our network.

Effectiveness, Safety and Quality Guarantee

Erboristeria Magentina bases its philosophy on three rigorous and precise principles: effectiveness, safety and a quality guarantee.

  • Effectiveness: he research and development labs at our headquarters are lead by the technical management team; they formulate our products directly on-site and test them in collaboration with the University of Ferrara;

  • Safety: our industrial production techniques are rigorously controlled;

  • Quality Guarantee: we choose certified raw materials and use the latest technology and machinery in our production department, guaranteeing the highest production standards.

The true essence of Made in Italy

The company fully represents the true essence of ‘Made in Italy’, being one of very few herbalists that formulates, produces, packages and distributes its products directly.

By paying attention to the importance of these elements, in a few years Erboristeria Magentina has managed to make a name for itself in the world of phytocosmetics. With their undisputed quality, our products are receiving more and more positive feedback, fostering customer loyalty.

Respect for the environment

Our building is equipped with a modern store that showcases Erboristeria Magentina. Within the store there is a well-being centre where you can relax and regenerate your body and mind.

Next to the well-being centre is the new Baby Natura small nursery, for babies from 0 to 3, which was planned, designed and built with eco-friendly materials and has an organic kitchen. Both the Well-being Centre and the Nursery exclusively use our products.

Rrboristeria Magentina promotes the joy of well-being, since 1843.