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Mint Degreaser 1 lt

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Deep hygiene, cleanliness in every room of the house and savings. The Mint Degreaser is a highly concentrated product from which 10 liters of ready-to-use product can be obtained with just one liter, ensuring optimal cleaning on all surfaces thanks to the presence of essential oils with antiseptic and fungicidal action.
Ideal for sanitizing and degreasing all surfaces that do not fear water and excellent for pretreating stains on resistant fabrics.
Water, D-pentose and D-glucose, oligomers, C8-10-alkyl glycosides, D-Glucopyranose, oligomeric, C10-16-alkyl glycosides, carboxymethyl ethers, sodium salts, Ethanol, 3- (2-Ethylhexyloxy) propan-1 , 2-diol, Sodium citrate, Sodium gluconate, Phenoxyethanol, Mono citric acid, Perfume (Eucalyptol)
Dilute 50 ml of product with water in the appropriate dispenser up to 600 ml. Spray and dry with a clean cloth. Before use, check the compatibility of the product with the material to be treated in a corner.
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