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Baby Angels Nappy Rash Protection Cream 200 ml

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200 ml


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Soothes redness causes by nappies or external factors and protects the skin thanks to the zinc oxide content.



Provides relief from skin irritations caused by contact with nappies and urine. Forms a waterproof barrier, favouring healing of the skin while letting it breathe.


Active Ingredients

Zinc Oxide: soothing, decongestant. Sweet Almond Oil: softening, nourishing. Beeswax: protective-film-forming. Extra-virgin Olive Oil: nourishing, hydrating. Vegetal Glycerine: hydrating, moisturising. Marigold oil extract: soothing, decongestant. Vitamin F: speeds up skin healing


How To Use

Delicately smooth the required amount onto clean, dry skin as many times a day as required, and following each nappy change. Also ideal for within the folds on baby's thighs, arms and around the neck. Ideal for the relief of various skin irritations.


Use: External