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Babies' teeth deserve the utmost care. Baby Angels Toothpaste is just right for every little one, providing dental hygiene by delicately removing dental plaque. With xylitol natural sweetener, stevia - natural sugar substitute, camomile and aloe, it acts directly on the causes of gum irritation during teething right from the arrival of the first tooth. It is labelled Vegan OK as it contains solely plant-derived ingredients.



Raspberry-flavoured, it is essential for dental hygiene, Used daily it guarantees clean teeth and gums and prevents the growth of bacterial plaque.


Active Ingredients

Aromatic camomile water, aloe juice, bicarbonate, hydroxyapatite - naturally occurring calcium-related mineral, glycyrrhetinic acid beta, xylitol, and stevia - natural sugar substitute.


How To Use

Gently brush your baby's teeth, once daily to start with. As they grow brushing is recommended after every meal. Baby Angels Toothpaste is completely safe even if accidentally ingested.



In addition it is FREE FROM: Fluoride; Preservatives; Synthetic sweeteners; SLS and foaming surfactants



Baby Angels Toothpaste is sweetened with Stevia, a natural vegetable-based sweetener that does not cause caries.

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