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Baby Angeli Cleansing Milk

0057 - 22209139

200 ml


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For the cleansing of your baby's face and body. Hydrates and eliminates impurities leaving the skin soft and nourished.



Angels cleansing milk delicately removes impurities from the skin leaving it soft and nourished thanks to the precious plant oils and hydrating and softening active ingredients.


Active Ingredients

Sweet Almond Oil: softening. nourishing. Vegetal Glycerine: hydrating and moisturising. Sesame oil: softening, protective. Secretion of marigold: soothing, refreshing. Aloe Vera: hydrating, soothing. Honeysuckle extract: skin purifying, antibacterial. Allantoin:refining, smoothing. Panthenol: softening, firming.


How To Use

To cleanse the face, body and nappy area pour the desired amount onto a cotton pad and pass it over the skin. Repeat as necessary. As with the body cream, smooth on a small amount and massage until completely absorbed.


Use: External