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Baby Angeli Gentle Bath Foam

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200 ml


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A light and velvety cleansing foam to make bathtime fun and easy, while gently cleaning the skin. Baby Angels Gentle Bath Foam is labelled Vegan OK because it contains solely plant-derived ingredients.



Delicate and perfumed, Gentle Bath Foam can be applied directly to your baby' body and hair - even dry - and, being foam, will not run into their eyes.


Active Ingredients

Coconut and oat surfactants: delicate cleansers. Natural Betaine: hydrating and moisturising. Secretion of marigold: soothing and refreshing. Panthenol: softening and toning. Honeysuckle extract: skin purifier, anti-bacterial.


How To Use

For shower or bath, put 3 or 4 pumps onto the hand and smooth over body hair, dry or wet, massage gently, and rinse.


Use: External

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