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A solution obtained from an ancient concentrated pharmaceutical formula. Just a few drops are enough directly on the areas affected by pain and with a gentle massage it is absorbed very easily. Used in synergy with ointment or ointment, it gives a feeling of immediate and intense well-being.
Linimento is a valid support for the most common osteo-articular diseases. It also acts on a decongestant level, calming acute pains in the muscles. On some skins it can cause a temporary sensation of heat due to the active ingredients contained.
Devil's claw extract
Arnica extract
Hypericum extract
Oleo capsicum resin
Sweet almond oil, grape seeds, sesame and shea nuts
Essential oils of cinnamon, camphor and ginger
Apply to the affected parts twice a day, with a short massage. Sensitive skin may exhibit temporary redness. Linimento can be used in synergy with the other products of the line: Ointment, Salve, Capsules.

The Devil's Claw or Harpagophytus belongs to the Pedaliacee family and lives in the African desert areas, in sandy, hot and dry soils.

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