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Artiglio del Diavolo Forte

Artiglio del Diavolo Forte Salve



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Without vaseline and synthetic fats, the Artiglio del Diavolo Forte salve is a completely natural reinterpretation of pharmaceutical ointment. Excellent for sports massages, it is recommended for calming acute pains and for reactivating circulation, soothing inflammation and promoting rapid healing.
Analgesic and painkiller, thanks to its therapeutic virtues, it works by quickly calming the acute pain and counteracting its recurrence. Useful for sports massages, it has a revulsive-rubefacient action.
Devil's claw extract
Turmeric extract
Oleo capsicum resin
Shea butter
Essential oils of cinnamon and ginger
Camphor in powder form
Apply to the affected parts twice a day, with a short massage. Cover with a cloth to keep the painful area warm. Wash hands after use and avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
The Devil's Claw or Harpagophytus belongs to the Pedaliacee family and lives in the African desert areas, in sandy, hot and dry soils.

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