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Arnica Salve 50 ml

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The classic remedy for severe bruising and muscle and join pain. With a modern formulation that does not contain synthetic vaseline, it is completely natural and rich in special active ingredients that act in synergy to give immediate pain relief. Labelled Vegan OK as it contains solely plant-derived ingredients.



Useful for massages and topical applications on painful areas. For sports enthusiasts, those doing heavy physical work, and for reducing the occurrence of pain flare-ups.


Active Ingredients

Essential oil of wintergreen and methyl salicylate - for their anti-rheumatic and analgesic properties. Arnica extract: antinflammatory, analgesic, anti-ecchymotic. Extract of St John's wort: soothing, eudermic and decongestant; Shea butter: softening, restorative and protective. Powdered camphor: for pain relief as a local anasthetic, antirheumatic, antimicrobic and with revulsive/rubefacient effects. It also stimulates blood flow to help flush out toxins. Menthol: analgesic, decongestant, anti-itch and vasoconstrictive.


How To Use

Gently massage into the affected area. Bandaging the area being treated intensifes the action of the salve.



Mountain Arnica is a perennial plant. It has flowers similar to the daisy but yellow-orange. It grows wild in mountain areas with alkaline soil.


Use: External

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