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100% Pure Oil Of Arnica 50 ml

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Pure oil of Arnica flower. Perfect after vigorous physica exercise, for pain resulting from untoward movements, or long periods of inactivity. It can of great help in restoring muscles to full strength and elasticity. It is immediately used by the body and has 100% pure active ingredients. It is ideal for specific applications. It is labelled Vegan OK as it contains solely plant-derived ingredients.



For localised massage in cases of prolonged bed rest or intense physical exercise. Relaxes muscles and speeds recovery in the case of post-operative swelling or swelling following removal of plaster casts or bandages.


Active Ingredients

Oily extract of Arnica: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-bruising; Sunflower oil: thanks to its vitamin content it is softening, hydrating and protects the skin from harmful bacteria.


How To Use

Massage into the area affected by pain or trauma until it is absorbed. Can be used several times a day.



Mountain Arnica is a perennial plant. It has flowers similar to the daisy but yellow-orange. It grows wild in mountain areas with alkaline soil.


Use: External

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