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  • 100% Vegan

    100% Vegan

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    Miscela Aromaterapica

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    Italian Product

The joyful aroma of this product helps cleanse the negative emotions of the day, all the tension and incomprehension towards other people, and soothes anger. You will leave the bath feeling restored and at peace with the world: your skin is soft and protected, your mind inclined to serenity and harmony. Helps awaken the child inside us.



A creamy preparation for daily hygiene. Helps wash away the day's negative emotions.


Active Ingredients

Panthenol, Aloe Vera, Helichrysum, Mandarine, Pepper, Celery, Cinnamon.


How To Use

The Elves Shower Gel / Shampoo is perfect either for an invigorating shower in the morning or for a relaxing shower in the evening. Massage into the body every day like a cream, leave it to take effect for a few minutes, especially on the scalp, then rinse in the bath or the shower.


Use: External

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Prodotto eccellente di qualità che sicuramente consiglero'.

i prodotti Magentina hanno una magia particolare nel loro insieme, è un buon doccia shampoo non irritante, rinfrescante, lascia pelle e capelli morbidi e puliti. Ho notato cambiamenti nell'inci, mi fa piacere, anche se la mia pelle sensibile tollera la chimica a piccole dosi


Consiglierò il prodotto.

Prodotto regalato e molto apprezzato!