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Fate Perfume 50 ml

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The perfume of the Fairies can open up a different level of reality and teach us to perceive life's thousand nuances. Its aromatic notes help to open the chakra of the heart and to immerse us in universal love. Helps to rediscover that part of instinctive femininity which reaches the most subtle part of the soul.



Invokes the Fairies, protectors of nature. Can open up different levels of reality and teach us to perceive life's thousand nuances.


Active Ingredients

Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Lemon, Cinnamon, Rose, Petitgrain.


How To Use

To perfume the body and personal belongings.



Fairies are fantastic creatures that can be defined as Spirits of nature. They are always portrayed as fascinating women and are generally visible to children, because meetings with them can occur in a dimension connected to the heart that only pure individuals can reach. Fairies represent the fascination and all the complexity of the feminine emotional sphere. This range is green in colour, which represents the fourth chakra, linked to the heart and to feelings, a sphere where woman is queen, although she often suffers heavy consequences for all the love that she gives.


Use: External

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