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Angeli Perfume 50 ml

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The Angels reach us through the perfumes of flowers. When sprayed, the perfume of Angels calls up their energy, it purifies, relaxes, energises and is the best way to start the day.



The Perfume of the Angels calls up the energy of our celestial guardians, purifies, relaxes and energises.


Active Ingredients

Orange, Verbena, Mandarine, Neroli, Incense, Camomile, Lemon Balm, Jasmine.


How To Use

To perfume the body and personal belongings.



Angels are essences of light that guide and protect us. Their name derives from "anghelos" which means messenger. They mediate between the material world and the divine, and help us on the path to spiritual growth. Contact can be made with them only if one goes beyond the material aspect of life and finds truer values and deep inner peace. The range dedicated to them aims to bring serenity, harmony and protection to the most fragile individuals, such as children, old people, and those who are suffering emotionally or psychologically. The colour of this range is deep blue, linking it to the fifth and sixth chakras, blue and indigo, stages in the journey of energy leading to perfect spirituality.


Use: External

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