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Light and delicate like the beating of tiny wings. Particularly well adapted to fragile states: people who are stressed, tense, anxious, and for children. Encourages a peaceful and serene sleep. For all, daily use in autumn is advised, to combat the melancholy of this grey and sad season. Stimulates the fifth and sixth chakras, promoting spiritual growth.



Brings serenity and protection. Ideal for evening massages for babies, and for stressed or anxious individuals. Conducive to sleep and relaxation. Great in the spring and autumn, when the wind and changing weather create irritability and anxiety.


Active Ingredients

Sesame, Sweet Almonds, Grape Seeds, Soya, Orange, Verbena, Mandarine, Neroli, Incense, Camomile, Lemon Balm, Jasmine.


How To Use

Pour about a teaspoonful of oil in your hand, leave it to warm up slightly, for each massage. The quantity may vary according to the degree of moisture of the skin and the duration of the massage.


Use: External

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L’olio degli angeli, come tutti gli altri oli della linea, è un prodotto di qualità. Ottime texture e profumazione.

lo uso da vent'anni dopo la nascita di mio figlio è eccellente con una delicatissima profumazione


Ottimo prodotto di qualità e con profumazione eccellente