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Fluitus Syrup

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 150 ml


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Fluitus is an excellent remedy to speed the expulsion of excessive mucous, naturally freeing the airways. With extracts of thyme and ivy, it enhances the fluidity of the bronchial secretions and sooths the oropharyngeal mucous.



For chesty coughs or cases of excess mucous. Speeds mucous expulsion.


Active Ingredients

Thyme: unblocks the airways and has strong antibacterial and antiviral properties. Horehound: expectorant properties. Grindelia: favours expulsion of mucous. Ivy: calms persistent dry cough. Eucalyptus essential oil: balsamic action. Propolis: acts as a natural barrier against infection. Aloe vera: stimulates the body's immune system. Blackcurrant: anti-inflammatory, stimulates the immune system and combats allergies. Dog rose: source of vitamin C (titrated to 70%). Grapefruit seeds: antibacterial, shorten the duration of infections.


How To Use

1 dessertspoonful to be taken 2/3 times daily.



Thyme is a plant that innumerable medicinal benefits and aromatic properties. These were recognised long ago by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks who considered it to be a miraculous cure for 'chest illnesses'.