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Pure Aloe Gel 500 ml

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Aloe Vera is the remedy par excellence in case of alterations of the skin thanks to its active ingredients present in it. Aloè Pure Gel is certified organic gelled Aloe juice with an ingredient extracted from oceanic algae.
Its action is ideal to alleviate all skin problems and to help restore optimal skin conditions. It can be indicated in the case of:
Heat scalds
Erytheemes caused by exposure
Insect bites to relieve itching
Inflammation of the gums
Post-shave and depilation reductions
Irritations from diapers
Cracked skin
Itching in the intimate mucous membranes
Concentrated Aloe Vera juice from organic farming: regenerating, soothing, decongestant, refreshing;
Rescue Remedy: it is the emergency remedy, a blend of the 5 Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum and Star of Bethleem flowers. It has been designed for emergency situations and to quickly restore the psycho-physical balance.
Apply with a light massage until absorbed and whenever you feel the need.
Does not contain: parabens, dyes, PEG, petrolatum, perfume, allergens and mineral oils
It is dermatologically and microbiologically tested

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