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Pure Aloe Gel 150 ml

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Aloe Vera is the best remedy for skin problems thanks to the active ingredients it contains. Our Pure Aloe Gel is certified 'organic' and is gelified using a ingredient obtained from ocean seaweed. It is also labelled Vegan OK as it contains solely plant-derived ingredients.



Its properties make it ideal for soothing all kinds of skin problems and to help the skin return to full health. Can be especially useful for: skin breakouts; burns; sunburn; insect bites - to relieve itching; gum inflammation; as a soothing aftershave; to soothe skin following hair removal; for nappy rash; cracked skin; intimate itching.


Active Ingredients



How To Use

Apply with a gentle massaging action until fully absorbed. Can be used as often as required.



Free from: parabens, colours, PEG, petroleum-based substances, perfume, allergens, mineral oils. Dermatologically and microbiologically tested.

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