• Cleannes

    Cleanness is a transversal line, grouping all the products for cleaning the skin giving the professional excellent aids to prepare the skin for specific treatments.

  • Antiage

    Antiage is dedicated to skins that need to regain their freshness and integrity. It offers a path that in the final part is divided into two alternatives: up to 45 years and over 45 years. The professional can choose the best solution also based on the degree of suffering of the skin.

  • Hydrating

    Hydrating is the line for all skin without problems, for the maintenance of healthy skin and the prevention of aging, to combat the effects of negative emotions.

  • Pureness

    Pureness is the line dedicated to impure, acneic, young skin with a strong hormonal connotation. Each of its products lends itself to being inserted in other lines, to purify less young skin or particular areas of the face.

  • Sensitive

    Sensitive is the line for delicate, sensitive skin that reacts with redness and burning to every treatment. It is a complete path, but each product can be adapted to any other line.