Natural Remedies

  • Ointment Range
    Ointment Range

    Eboristeria Magentina's Ointments have been formulated to bring immediate relief to whatever part of the body is being treated, in just a few applications, thanks to their high concentrations of active ingredients derived from different officinal plants. All the ointments have undergone microbiological, dermatological, and nickel testing. They have not been tested on animals. FREE FROM: parabens, colours, PEGs and petroleum-based compounds, animal active ingredients, alcohol, silicones, GMs, propylene glycol, and formaldehyde-producing substances.

  • Zanzar Benex
    Zanzar Benex

    ZanZar Benex is a line designed and engineered to protect your skin from the bites of mosquitoes and insects. Totally safe for humans, for the environment and for the insect itself, we use only all-natural active ingredients, GMO-free and without synthetic molecules. Made with geranium and citronella essential oils, with patented extract of Catalpa and Palustre, Zanzar Benex is practical and perfect for the whole family.

    ZanZar Benex is a line:



  • Ps19

    Ideal for reddened and peeling skin - symptoms which can be caused by underlying psychological problems. The PS19 range has been formulated to help reduce these symptoms. 

  • Propolis

    Nature always has the right remedy. With the new Propolis range, good health is guaranteed. Our Propolis products are all Made in Italy, are 100% Italian, and come from bee colonies within the Pollino National Park, beautiful and as yet unspoilt. The product of careful scientific research, our Propolis products are the best remedy for fighting symptoms of 'flu, colds, croaky voice, loss of voice, freeing up the airways thanks to their active ingredients, but most of all to the propolis, real Italian propolis.

  • Aloe

    Aloe Vera, source of nutritious compounds, vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, maintains the moisture balance in the body. The gel is harvested from its leaves and is useful in the treatment of allergic eczema, sunburn, insect bites, and for skin affected by itching, heat or reddening.

  • Magentina Bitter Digestive
    Magentina Bitter Digestive

    This Bitter Digestive has long been a traditional product at Erboristeria Magentina - contains 11 officinal herbs. Ideal for after meals to help the digestion and give a sense of well-being.

  • Ancient Traditional Syrups
    Ancient Traditional Syrups

    Eboristeria Magentina's Ancient Traditional Syrups range was born out through a combination of ancient herbal remedies with modern extraction techniques and production methods. It also uses high quality active ingredients. These Ancient Traditional Syrups do not only help short-lived mouth and throat problems, but also - thanks to their ingredients (aloe, blackcurrant, grapefruit seeds and vitamin C) - help maintain and strengthen the body's immune defences.

  • Pains

    A line created to bring relief to muscle and joint pain of various kinds. Excellent for physiotherapy or sports massages, applications, hot or cold packs.

  • Geo Clay Range
    Geo Clay Range

    The four elements remedy: clay is EARTH, dried in the AIR, baked in the SUN, and made into paste with WATER. An effective remedy for very many beauty and health problems. Valued for its absorption power and its ability to neutralise the effects of toxic substances it is also helps in remineralisation, is antianemic and restorative and speeds wound healing.

  • Intestine

    Natural and effective products to solve intestinal problems, source of stress and distress and to rebalance the altered bacterial flora.

  • Populeo Range
    Populeo Range

    Soothes discomfort caused by haemmorhoids. Excellent for protecting the skin of the anal area and keeping it in good condition. Aside from the topical Ointment, the Populeo range also contains a Wash, and a Food Supplement.