• Combat Cell Line
    Combat Cell Line

    New, reformulated. The COMBAT CELL range has changed inside and out. Now the perfect treatment for parts of the body with unwanted fat or stubborn cellulite. With plant-based active ingredients and new formulations, the products are effective from the first application. The range carried the 100%Vegan label as its active ingredients are derived from plants and not animal.

  • Rosehip Range
    Rosehip Range

    Our Rosehip oil range uses oil from Chile and is ideal for the prevention/treatment of wrinkles and stretch marks, to improve the appearance of scars and marks left by acne. It maintains skin elasticity and firmness thanks to its restorative, toning, hydrating and anti-ageing properties.

  • Jalurage Range
    Jalurage Range

    Jalurage has been developed by our Research and Development labs here at Erboristeria Magentina. This innovative range is based on natural hyaluronic acid, a true ally in maintaining a youthful complexion. Specially developed to combat the signs of ageing, encouraging skin renewal it keeps skin looking young, toned and elastic.

  • Angeli Esseni Fate Elfi Range
    Angeli Esseni Fate Elfi Range

    In this range, aromatherapy is blended with esotericism to give the highest physical and psycho-spiritual benefits. The Fairies Range is devoted to femininity, the Essenes Range gives force, the Angels Range instils grace, serenity and harmony, and the Elves range helps in relations with the outside world.

  • Hair Removal Range
    Hair Removal Range

    Range for professional hair removal at home. Wax with Argan oil makes for perfect and painless hair removal also suitable for the most delicate skins.

  • Distilled Water Range
    Distilled Water Range

    Fresh and delicate they carry the faint perfume of flowers and herbs from which they are made. Excellent as a natural tonic for cleansing the face, delicately scenting the skin of babies or the elderly, for refreshing, soothing compresses whether for skin or the eyes.