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Relaxtus Syrup 150 ml

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When the airways are irritated or obstructed, Relaxtus syrup relieves discomfort and speeds return to full health, thanks to the action of violet and poppy extracts. The mint essential oil gives an immediate fresh taste.



Removes pain caused by sore throat and calms coughing.


Active Ingredients

Wild pansy (Viola Tricolor): acts as a sedative on dry persistent cough. Poppy: noted for its sedative properties. Drosera: frees the airways. Plantago: protects the mucous membranes. Linden: anti-spasm. Althea: calms inflammation of the mucous membranes and vocal chords. Mint essential oil: refreshes and gives a immediate sensation of well-being. Aloe Vera: stimulates the body's immune defences. Blackcurrant: anti-inflammatory, stimulates the immune system and combats allergies. Dog rose: source of Vitamin C (titrated at 70%). Grapefruit seeds: antibacterial, shortens the duration of infections.


How To Use

One dessertspoonful 2 or 3 times daily.



Violet is used a great deal in the pharmaceutical and herbalist fields for its many active ingredients. It is used to enhance the fluidity of the bronchial secretions and to purify the skin.

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